Nikon Lens

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When you pair Nikon lenses with Nikon DSLR cameras, you can expect flawless compatibility and exceptional performance right away!

The Kinds of Nikon Camera Lenses Available in the UK

Nikon Lenses with F-Mount
Since the introduction of AF technology in 1959, Nikon has consistently utilized the F bayonet mount. This means that any present-day Nikon camera is compatible with any F-mount lens. However, it's important to note that autofocus (AF) and electronic aperture adjustment may only function in manual mode.

Full-Frame Nikon Lenses
Nikon FX lenses are suitable for all Nikon SLR cameras, whether they employ cropped, film-based, or full-frame sensors. These lenses are also compatible with earlier Nikon 1 and Nikon Z digital mirrorless cameras when utilized with the appropriate adapters.

Nikon DX Lenses
Nikon lenses that come bearing the "DX" initials in their names are in fact designed for cameras with cropped sensors in Nikon's lineup. While they can physically be used on full-frame cameras, their image circle isn't sufficient to cover the entire sensor area.

Found the Perfect Nikon Lens for Your Needs?

Selecting the right lens is crucial for achieving outstanding shots in any photography genre, and of course, considering your budget is equally important. At Rommi's Electronics, you can rest assured that you can easily buy online the ideal Nikon camera lens at a fantastic price in the UK.



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