Panasonic Lens

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The lens functions as a conduit for light, making it an indispensable element within the camera system.

Panasonic has relentlessly pursued the ultimate lens to capture truly authentic photographic effects throughout its duration in the industry. As a result, Panasonic has garnered renown for the superb artisanship of its lenses, coupled with the deployment of cutting-edge technology in their creation and testing processes.

How Are Panasonic Lenses Excelling in the UK?

Limited Lenses, Enhanced Image Excellence
LUMIX lenses frequently incorporate aspherical lens elements, effectively mitigating lens aberrations to uphold image quality while simultaneously reducing overall size and weight.

Uncompromising Quality Checks
Panasonic introduced the UA3P [Ultra-Accurate 3D Profilometer] for testing aspherical lenses, a tool now adopted by numerous optical device manufacturers.

Advanced Coating Procedures
Beyond precise adjustment of reflectivity for primary wavelengths, the Multi Coating Process employed in LUMIX lenses curbs light reflection from specific angles. This technique is commonly applied to lenses with minimal curvature radius.

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