Tokina SZ 33mm F/1.2 Lens (Sony E)

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The Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 is a fully manual optical lens featuring a standard angle of view...

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The Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 is a fully manual optical lens featuring a standard angle of view and an extremely fast aperture. The SZ 33mm is an all-purpose everyday lens designed for still and video content creators shooting landscape, portrait, wedding, night sky, travel, and general documentary or commercial production for video. The lens is offered for Sony E APS-C size cameras. The Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 features the most natural angle of view for a human eye equal to 49.5mm which is the closest to 50 degrees. This makes the 33mm lens useful in a wide range of genres. Provides more than enough resolution capabilities that increase the overall cost performance of this lens. 9 optical elements inside the lens body result in a super-fast aperture of f/1.2 which is good for low light shooting conditions in still and documentary videos. The Tokina SZ 33mm features an f/1.2 super fast aperture that creates a smooth and beautiful bokeh that will separate your main object from the background. The large diameter of the front element greatly contributes to minimizing the light fall-off when shooting at a wide-open aperture. 

The Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 performs high contrast which is preferable in landscape shooting. The exterior and major parts of the Tokina 33mm F1.2 are made of fine finish metal for a more sophisticated design and confidence in using the lens in different shooting conditions. Manual Focus - control in video with Follow Focus gear. Good in low light conditions for precise focusing. Good for time-lapse, when changing aperture during still shots (light painting) or during video shoots, when exposure adjustment in long tracking scenes is needed. The Tokina 33mm F1.2 incorporates a click-less aperture for precise and smooth exposure adjustment that is helpful in video shooting operations. The Tokina 33mm F1.2 features a depth of field & hyperfocal scale that is necessary for manual lenses. The Tokina 33mm F1.2 performs moderate focus breathing that is valuable for video shooters. Focus throw is measured in degrees and represents the amount of rotation needed to turn a lens' focus ring from its MFD (minimum focus distance) to infinity. The Tokina 33mm F1.2 performs 160 degrees of focus throw that is long enough for precise focusing.

Tokina SZ 33mm F/1.2 Spec

 Color Black
Mount Sony E
Series SZ
Sensor Type APS-C
Focal Length 33mm
Maximum Aperture f/1.2
Minimum Aperture f/16
Angle of View 48 Degree
Coating Multi-Coated
Minimum Focus Distance 0.5m
Magnification 1:13
Filter Size 62mm
Construction (E/G) 9 Elements in 7 Groups
Aperture Blades 9
Lens Hood MH-624
Electrical Contacts Yes
Dimensions 2.79 x 3.42" (71 x 87mm)
Weight 1.34 lbs (607.81g)



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